School Programs


There is something about butterflies that attract all ages, but especially children. Our caterpillars, chrysalides and butterflies are used in all kinds of educational curriculum

We have one customer who uses our butterflies in a unique school program to teach the wonders of nature in the metamorphic cycle. Another customer uses our stock to provide caterpillars and plants to teachers for study projects. And yet another customer uses our chrysalides to provide chrysalis kits to schools. Kids love butterflies, and Utterback Farms is doing all that we can to help foster their interest.


Butterfly Exhibits


Butterfly exhibits is an excellent way for kids, young and old, to enjoy butterflies. To see them in the classroom is interesting, but to watch them dancing around in flight is a joyous experience.

We have several customers who use our butterflies to help supply their butterfly exhibits. Turtle Bay Exploration Park is one such exhibit. They have a wide variety of butterflies to enjoy – the Monarch being one. My Butterfly Adventure is another customer who uses our butterflies to help supply their Traveling Butterfly Exhibit. A third customer who is enjoying our Monarch Butterflies is the San Francisco Zoo. They have lots to see.




Kids love to explore nature – its part of being a kid. Our butterflies help to facilitate that.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to nurture the education and natural curiosity of children.

Butterflies are an excellent vehicle to do usher them into that exciting world of exploration.